Financial Policy Council

The mission of the Financial Policy Council Inc. (“FPC”) is to formulate and promote sound public policy based on the principles of free enterprise and wealth creation as envisioned by the ideals of the American Founding Fathers. FPC is a public policy-oriented organization which seeks to educate and inform the public about economic and fiscal matters.

We view America as the land of opportunity where freedom and prosperity have flourished. Our goal is to ensure that America retains an economic and regulatory system conducive to economic growth and wealth creation, and is not derailed by poorly formulated and reactive economic, fiscal and tax policy. In addition, we strongly believe that America reclaim and retain its leading role in the global economic community.

We seek to achieve our mission in the following ways:

• We EDUCATE policy makers and the public to enable them to support and recognize sound financial public policy, with a clear understanding of the issues of concern to entrepreneurs, investors and the public.

• We INFORM entrepreneurs, investors and the public of the roles they can play to ensure that their opinions are heard by and persuade policy makers of the soundness of our public policy solutions.

• We EMPOWER entrepreneurs, investors and the public by creating a forum through which their voices can clearly be heard by and in Washington, D.C. and elsewhere.

• We BRIDGE the chasm between Washington, Wall Street and Main Street using sound, rational economic research and education.

We pursue our mission by performing timely and accurate research on key policy issues and effectively marketing these findings to key policy makers, the nation’s news media, and the academic and policy communities at large.

We believe that it is critical that people with real world experience in the trenches of business and entrepreneurship and deep knowledge of the financial services sector have a powerful ‘platform’ to have their voices channeled to those making critical decisions impacting the fiscal health of our nation.

Governed by an accomplished Board of Directors, all with a wide and relevant range of backgrounds, the Financial Policy Council is an independent institution. FPC relies on the financial support of the general public—individuals, foundations, and corporations—to engage in its mission. FPC does not accept government funds and does not perform contract work in keeping with its ideal of independence. FPC is a not-for-profit corporation which is tax-exempt under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3).


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