Think you have what it takes to be a “Game Changer”?

I meet with hundreds of entrepreneurs a year…from the smart operators to the ones as dumb and conceited as a rock to the real “game changers” out to change the world.

I have always been particularly intrigued with this last group of people.

Here are some personal thoughts as to what makes them unique in their own way in case you’re still wondering what differentiates a “game changer” from the rest of us.

Game Changers have:

1. An uncanny vision – One thing that is happening today the world over is the widening gap between rich and poor. The game changer is the one who can connect the dots better and faster than most people out there and pushes the next billion people towards financial inclusion, strategically and socially.

2. Swashbuckling Guts – This may sound obvious but never underestimate how gutsy this special breed of people can be…. in addition to the fact that they can transmit this trait to their inner circle too creating a viral effect second to none. Their “take no prisoners” approach is indeed contagious.

3. Machiavellian Smarts – which barely need additional comment in here; except to note that both are essential to any winning organization and neither can be trained into a person.

4. Amazing Simplicity – Being able to make the extremely complex comprehensible, the intangible graspable, and the future urgent.

5. A Burning Passion – Not only towards their respective businesses but towards everything in life as well. Passionate people sweat the details, they’re curious and they care. That’s what really matters to building businesses bigger than life.

6. A deep caring for people – It is a fact that for most average leaders, business is a zero-sum game rigged always to their advantage. Real game changers are different. They inspire trust, and in doing so, they unleash productivity and creativity. Their people become fonts of ideas and innovation and perfect examples of commitment to customers and the work. Game changers know that by practicing this, they will be not only be loved by their people but immensely rewarded for their efforts as well.

7. An Urgency to accomplish things second to none – Though many smart people can be dangerously slow about hard calls and want to analyze everything to death, game changers make very tough decisions in a heartbeat relying on their instincts even sometimes at the expense of logic.

8. An unsurpassed Ability to get things done – Brainpower is all well and good but not if it’s uncoupled from the ability to get out from behind the desk and make ideas happen. Many people are either smart or are good executors – Game Changers are both.

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Ziad Abdelnour is a political activist and is the Founder and President of the United States Committee for a Free Lebanon.

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