Rising above the Pack

I am a serial entrepreneur, investor and financier. I have been practicing my craft for around three decades now. I backed many businesses and learned a heck of a lot in that time period.

At the end of the day, it is all about the “brand” you build. This is how you attract the right associates, partners and clients to transact business with you wherever you are. So equal to knowing how to generate, market and execute on ideas is your ability to push content, educate and empower people and challenge their minds. This is the optimal way you build your brand. Not only taking but giving as well.

To summarize it all in one simple sentence: Fight not for your own abundance, but for the abundance of others and you will see how your life will turn around.

It all starts with the right ideas.

How do you come up with real powerful ideas that you can later execute on and become the “game changer” you want to be?

Well… for me the way to have good ideas is like weightlifting. When you lift slightly more than you can handle, you get stronger. In life, when the gun is to your head, you either figure it out, or you die.

Same goes when you cut yourself open, you bleed ideas. If you’re broke and close to death, you have to come up with ideas fast and furious. If you destroy your life, you need to come up with ideas to rebuild it as well.

Now the only time I’ve been FORCED to have good ideas is when I was up against the wall.

The problem is you’re NOT in a state of panic most of the time. States of panic are special and have to be revered. Think about the times in your life that you remember – it’s exactly those moments when you hit bottom and were forced to come up with ideas, to get stronger, to connect with some inner force inside you with the outer force that you really get to be your best.

This is why it’s important NOW to strengthen that connection to that idea force inside of you.

So as a starter and if you really want to rise above the pack, you have to come up with a new way of thinking. A new way of having ideas. A new way of interacting with the outside universe. A unique way of building your “idea machine”.

Moving to the next stage, and as a business partner/owner, you have to start focusing your energy on pushing out content to your constituents and listen to what they have to say. The best lab for ideas is out in the marketplace not just in your head as most people think. So do not be worry about anyone stealing your ideas. Ideas are worthless anyway without the proper execution and funding behind them.

My simple advice? Take hours away from staffing, strategizing, selling, and all the other things you’re doing, and put one, two, three hours a day into turning your company into a real “multimedia company” staffed by people who not only know how to execute but understand the concept of getting the message to the world and the sky is the limit.

I really do believe that this practice has, and will continue to have, an enormous upside to the future of business.

All that really matters is that you’re focusing your efforts on becoming that juggernaut of ideas, relationships, capital and advice.

This is frankly what we at Blackhawk Partners or even at our non-profit the Financial Policy Council market our ideas, services and capital the world over EVERY single day.

It’s when you dig into the details and become a real practitioner that you start to understand what I’m talking about.

It’s one of the most simple economic principles in existence, but so many people still fundamentally misunderstand it and get caught in the daily rat race.

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Ziad Abdelnour is a political activist and is the Founder and President of the United States Committee for a Free Lebanon.